100% Recycled Shredded Corrugated Cardboard

Mulch, compost, pack for shipping, vermicompost  and animal bedding the environmentally friendly way

with 2" x .25" recycled & shredded

corrugated cardboard. 

 Unlike similar products, our cardboard shreds are not baled or compressed.  Delivered fluffy, speeding up the composting process by increasing oxygen circulation as well as the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio in the compost heap.

Composts 5 times faster than other compostable mulch products.

An excellent green alternative to packing peanuts.

Worms love it, need we say more?

Animal bedding*- it's soft and springy, excellent tunneling for little critters that tend to make caves. For stalled or penned animals, liquids flow easily through top layer and are absorbed quickly in the bottom layer. Top layer stays dryer and by moving dry top layer aside, stall or pen muck out is quick and effecient. 

Garden Mulch

Compost Accelerant

Packing Material


Animal Bedding*


Box size
17.25" x 11.5" x 12"

1.38 cubic foot

$4.50 each

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*Liability limited to the original cost of product, Actual application and resulting outcome are the sole responsibility of the end user.